City Tour Zurich – Exploring Zurich’s Old Town

Zurich is a fascinating city. Especially the old town offers exciting insights into the eventful history. But also hidden oases, narrow alleys and exciting squares are waiting for you on your city tour through Zurich. You will get first-hand insider knowledge from the tour guides who will accompany you on your 2 – 3 hour walk.

City tour – on foot through Zürich

Since time immemorial, people from all over the world have flocked to the vibrant metropolis on the Limmat River. But what makes the waterfront city with its intact old town so fascinating? Is it the winding alleys, hidden squares and little oases that you don’t see at first glance? Or is it the prominent residents of yesteryear, who are still omnipresent today and shaped the cityscape just as much as the historic buildings with their ornamentation? Find out for yourself on your guided tour through Zurich’s old town. The secret of the Bahnhofstrasse will be brought to light and it will be explained what the “processional axis” is all about. Or in which church the minute hand jumps forward by a record-breaking half meter per minute. And what are guild houses? Questions about questions, which will be answered by the experienced guides during the city tour through Zurich.

The tours are offered in different languages. So your international team will also enjoy background knowledge and anecdotes to amuse and amaze.

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